New Beginnings

Ive decided on this template for my new look for the blog, I like the swirly leaves and the template feels very clean and is easy on the eye. Ive spent most of the morning tweaking the code for the template so that it looks how I want it to look on the sidebar and so it isnt too cluttered.

I think I’ll be sticking with this template for now as I like it 🙂

Im hoping I’ll have some new artwork to share with you soon (fingers crossed I’ll find my muse sooner rather than later)

In my quest for inspiration Ive been searching the internet for ideas and techniques to appeal to my muse. Sadly I found nothing much has happened in the stamping world since I last looked, even the new products at cha arent all that exciting to be honest!

So I decided to go googling and typed in ‘abstract art’ into the search because this is what appeals to me most at the moment and found one or two brilliant artists on my search. I was gobsmacked at the gorgeous colours and textures used in their artwork.

Their links are:

Shawn Mc Nulty:

Gayle Gerson:

Christine Wasankari:

W S Morriss:

Shari Schemmel:

Davini Art Gems:

Modern Dog Art:

I’m absolutely in love with the gorgeous Jack Russell Terrier art:


One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. Hi Trish,

    Love, Love, LOVE the new template! I am home alone today and ready to work on my art. Going to take a quick look at the links you posted and off to the studio.

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