Blogging On Here Now..

As you can see Ive imported all the blog posts from my other blog on the site.

The reason for this is because my website provider was hacked into and all the websites on their servers where hit by the hackers.

As a result of this my wordpress blog which I had hosted on my site was broken and I couldnt fix it because the hackers had corrupted all the code.

Ok so I could have gone and downloaded a new version of wordpress and uploaded that but I was dubious about doing that. Its that old saying ‘one bitten, twice shy’.

Instead I decided to export all my blog posts from my old blog and import them into this wordpress blog instead.

My attitude being that know what they are doing and will protect my blog from future attacks.

So thats why all my old blog posts have suddenly appeared over here as if by magic 😉

Thank god for that import/export tool in wordpress thats all I can say otherwise I wouldve lost every single post I ever did!

In future I will be using this blog to post my artwork and also use this blog to post general messages and mutterings.

I say Im going to use it to post artwork in future but I cant help but think I may be being a little too optimistic there because I seem to have lost the desire to make art.

Dont get me wrong I get inspired by things, I see the beauty in things and appreciate looking at artwork and marvelling and drooling over it. But when it comes to actually getting my arse in gear and CREATING something I come across a brick wall and I cant seem to get my body over it…

Maybe its a slump Im in, I dont know, I cant explain it. Im hoping the need to create will soon hit me and I will be able to start painting and inking and stuff soon.


One thought on “Blogging On Here Now..

  1. Trish, chronic pain plays a big part in the creative difficulties of making art. Even if we are able to do the work the motivation just isn’t there. I don’t think this is permanent though. An artist is an artist …..etc. Ignore the worlds problems, enjoy the spring, and just doodle around to please yourself.

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