Happy Birthday Grandad

Yesterday was my grandads birthday, he wouldve been 85. He died 5 years ago on the 24th March, 1 day before his 80th birthday. He was a wonderful warm person, I think of him every single day and still miss him deeply.

Most of all I miss his daft sense of humour and his strange habits and quirks, which I see mirrored in my own actions all the time. It used to annoy me how alike me and grandad were when he was alive, Id look at him and it would be like looking at a weird mirror image of myself.

Now these same quirks serve as a permanent living memory to him and when I catch myself doing them Im instantly reminded of him and I smile to myself. Funny how these things creep up on us.

Happy Birthday Grandad, its my birthday tomorrow and I’ll be having an extra large slice of cake just for you 😉


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