Finished Now You See Me

nowyouseemeIve finally finished reading this book, it took me ages to read it because I just couldnt get into the storyline at all.

I really thought I would like this book as it was a crime thriller based in Liverpool near where I live and grew up but this book failed to grab my attention.

As I was reading it my mind would wander and Id have to restart the page afresh to take in what I was actually reading, and to make matters worse I I kept dosing off too!

Finally in the last section of the book it suddenly seemed to pick up a quicker pace and the storyline improved and I was suddenly interested in how it ended but I felt I wasted too much time struggling with the first part of the book reading about characters I couldnt give a toss about.

Quite reluctant to read another book by this author if its more of the same.


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