Letting out a huge sigh of relief

What happens when you screech HAAARRRY at the top of your voice!Ive been unable to breathe properly for the past 2 weeks, life has been very uncertain and a big feeling of doom and gloom had decesended.

Harry my little fur baby pictured opposite had developed a lump on one of her mammaries so we took the poor little mite to the vets to see what it was.

The vet examined her and booked her in for surgery to remove the lump and told us that it was either a tumour or a fatty lump and the only way to find out was to have it removed.

I was heartbroken, I cried myself to sleep that night and Im not ashamed to admit it. In my heart Id already told myself that it was the worse possible scenario and prepared myself for bad news, Id already lost her. Harry is the light of my life, Im sure many of you who have fur babies know exactly where Im coming from.

We was booked in for surgery on Monday morning, 2 days of waiting for the surgery day were sheer hell, a sense of dread and forboding hung around but at the same time we had to keep our spirits up so as not to worry Harry if we were upset.

It was the hardest thing in the world leaving my baby at the vets that morning for surgery, I could see her accusing eyes as we walked out of the door and left her with strangers. The 9 hours of waiting to pick her up were hell on earth. I was so glad to see her when we went to pick her up I had to fight back the tears as I almost burst into tears there and then! Poor love looked so small and fragile and shaky, I didnt think she would make it through the night, but she did.  This little girl is a fighter.

We had to take her back the vets for a post op checkup, her surgery cut had developed infection and she needed more antibiotics and also needed some anti inflammitory meds to help bring down the swelling. She didnt like taking those pills!!

Worse of all was the waiting for the results to come back on the lump which was removed, we wouldnt find out for another 5 days and each day we grew more and more anxious.

Just got back from the vets today for her final post surgery check up and also for the results on the lump.

The future is starting to look bright again 🙂

Results: Benign Lipoma :))

A fatty lump!

All that heartbreak and worry over a lump of fat!

But at least we KNOW the results and got it sorted out and arent worrying now what the lump could be.

Harry the princess is doing great, she grows stronger every day, whats more since her op she has turned into a right prima donna and requires much more babying and attention, which she gets!

I feel like we’ve been given a second chance and Im not going to waste it for one single second.