Stained Glass Harry

I started work on this canvas last year! Ive only just now finished it, I set myself a bit of a challenge to try and get some of my abandomed projects finished to help get me motivated into making art again.

To create this piece I took a photo I had of my dog Harry and tweaked it using Photoshop Elements to make it look like a stencil. I printed it out and transferred the image onto cardboard and cut it out to make a stencil.

Next I painted the stencil onto the artist stretched canvas and left it for months unsure what to do with it next.

This week I picked up the canvas again and stared at it for ages trying to decide what I wanted to do with it next. It looked really bare and I decided it desperately needed colour.

Using paint markers I drew on the canvas to create abstract stained glass fragments and of course I added the obligatory black and white checkered border 🙂

Next I painted the stained glass fragments using assorted bright coloured gouche paints. I like working with gouche because they are a dream to use, they are watercolour paints which dry opaque like acrylic paints but their consistency is more fluid and easier to blend and work with.

To finish the piece I added some white dots and outlined Harry’s stencil image to make her pop out from the background.

Its kinda like a Mondian meets Pop Art creation.

3 thoughts on “Stained Glass Harry

  1. The relief of having Harry well probably spurred you on to finish this piece. It looks great!

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