Doodlebug Art

I created these doodles over the top of the bright watercolour crayon backgrounds I uploaded yesterday:

I wanted to do some abstract style doodling, so to help me do that I used the lines and spots created by the watercolours as my guide.

I outlined all the lines where the different colour paints met with a black pen and then set about doing some abstract doodling with a white pen to add highlights.

I cant seem to stop with the black and white chequered borders!

Doodlebug Art 1

Doodlebug Art 2

Doodlebug Art 3

2 thoughts on “Doodlebug Art

  1. I think you’ve gone from background to finished piece. Maybe add a small shiny thing or fibers, but they look done to me. Do you mat or frame your work?

  2. If you notice Ive punched the tops of the pages I did in advance with by bind it all, so I’ll probably be collecting all the pages I do together first then I’ll bind them together into a sketchbook. That way I can store more art!

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