Zentangle Style Doodling

Heres some photos taken from my sketch book of some Zentangle style doodles I did – Zendoodling is addictive once you start! Be warned! All you need is some white paper and a good drawing pen; just sit, empty your mind and doodle away!

(click on the thumbnails to view larger size images)

8 thoughts on “Zentangle Style Doodling

  1. This looks like the kind of art I can get into when I’m sitting and waiting places! *smiles* Looks like you’ve been busy with getting your doodle on *hee hee*

  2. Trish, I love your Zendoodling, and I love that term! The way you’ve photographed them and laid them out makes me think of a quilt – what are you planning to do with them? Think I’d be tempted to make a ‘poster’ out of them, they’re so impressive together like that (although you’d have to turn ‘art’ the other way round!! LOL)

  3. The last time you posted this style of doodling I didn’t even try to do it. I bought some Manga pens for the variety of size and shades of black so this time I’ll try. I’ll have to break through the barriers of the Inner Critic though. Last week I ran across a definition of the Inner Critic – it’s called insecurity.

  4. I’ve been looking online for information on how to start one of these zentangles — I see a little information here and a little information there. There’s something about laying strings that is how you apparently begin — can you explain how to lay the first string? I’d love to try this, but don’t have $50 to spend on a kit that sounds like it contains mostly materials I already have (high quality paper and pens). Thanks in advance.

  5. Yours is the best style I have come across, what pen do you use for the thick outlines, I think that’s what really makes it stand out from the others out there.

  6. For the thick outer lines on all these tangles I used a simple black sharpie marker pen! Very inexpensive and perfect for thicker lines for adding a contrast. Thanks for your comments, it is lovely to have feedback.

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