Polymer Clay Brocade Art Plaques

I want to make the polymer clay brocade hearts and crown shapes into little art plaques so heres a photo of the first step of the plaques I am going to make for them.

I used mount board for the base, the 2 small boards are ATC size and the larger crown ones are quarter sheet size.

For the Heart ATC Plaques I cut 4 strips of ribbed fun foam to create a border around the card as you can see in the photo below:


My next step will involve a coat of gesso and some paint, I’ll add a new photo when Ive done it 🙂

For the quarter size Crown Plaques I took a pen and drew around the crown shaped brocade on the card, next I cut up random pieces of fun foam in both plain and ribbed patterns and stuck them onto the mount board base with pva glue  as you can see in the photo below:


I’ll be adding a coat of black gesso to these and painting them before I put the crowns in the shapes, I’ll upload a photo when Ive done the next steps so you can see the direction Im going with this.

2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Brocade Art Plaques

  1. I didn’t know fun foam could be painted. We have just the plain, no ribbed. I wonder if it’s possible to use a stencil and modeling paste to give it texture?

  2. Why not give it a try. I first found out about painting fun foam in Bernie Berlins ATC Workshop book, in that she uses fun foam shaped stickers to create faux chipboard by giving it a coat of gesso and then painting afterwards.

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