Polymer Clay Brocade Plaques Finished

Here are the finished pieces using some of the polymer clay brocades I created earlier in the week, you can see the earlier work in progress I did here:


The crown plaque is for a swap I signed up for, I hope my swap partner likes it!
Polymer Clay Brocade Crown Plaque

I also made a set of 2 ATCs using the rectangle & square shapes with a triangle for the roof.
Set Of 2 House ATCs

Im addicted to these little clay embellishments and will be using them in all my art projects no doubt!

A spot of diy flat packaging

My hands are feeling a touch sore today because I put together a set of seegrass drawers the other night which came flat packaged. It was worth the pain because Im loving the finished unit, Im tempted to get some more.

See photo below, mind the junk scattered around – organised chaos thats me 🙂