6 thoughts on “Altered Imagery

  1. Yup, had it ages. Great book to delive into and it has a companion: Mixed Emulations: Altered Art Techniques for Photographic Imagery which covers oil based paints and impasto techniques, acrylics, watercolour, inks, markers, mediums and digital manipulations.

    Both are great to delve into, espeically when you have those mental blocks on what to do.

  2. oo, forgot to say, the first book is more gel pens, bleaching photos, alternative photographic processes, image transfers, lino/relief printing and incorporating collage and found objects with your photographs.

  3. I also have both books. I’ve used several techniques and like both, but alot of it calls for original photos and I can’t get out anymore like I used to. I’m hopng that this summer I can go on a few excursions to get new stuff. I think you can do great things with the books.

  4. I am having problem with my color copies bleeding badly and then almost disappearng. I live in Mexico so I can not get a copy of her book to see if she covers this problem. I am going to take a class with you in August but I need the problem solved before all that time goes by


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