Polymer Clay Brocade Plaques Finished

Here are the finished pieces using some of the polymer clay brocades I created earlier in the week, you can see the earlier work in progress I did here:


The crown plaque is for a swap I signed up for, I hope my swap partner likes it!
Polymer Clay Brocade Crown Plaque

I also made a set of 2 ATCs using the rectangle & square shapes with a triangle for the roof.
Set Of 2 House ATCs

Im addicted to these little clay embellishments and will be using them in all my art projects no doubt!

5 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Brocade Plaques Finished

  1. The plaque and the ATC’s are stunning. Love the colours and all the shine and shimmer. I followed your progress and was wondering what the end result would be. If the ATC’s need a home……just let me know.

  2. Hi there
    first comment from me although I have been following you for some time
    just wanted to thanking you for recording all this and encourgaing others to play.


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