More Clay Embellishments

I cant believe how much Ive been working with clay so far this year! Im normally clay-phobic and shy away from working with clay but lately Im addicted.

I made some push molds of masks and faces using model magic by crayola, its my favourite air dry clay because its so soft and easy to work with. Once the clay had dried I painted the faces with ordinary acrylics and then used bright gold acrylic paint on my fingertips to add highlights:

Face Push Molds

For these below, I stamped on some squares using a clock stamp I had because I needed a time themed embellishment for my meandering book page I uploaded earlier which has a time theme. I painted over the clay in black gesso and then swiped over the top with my finger dipped in gold paint:

Stamped Time Pieces

The hearts, squares and other shapes you can see below were all made using my new  texture plates by Studio who make all the Sculpey products – these plates are brilliant and I must get more!!!!! (Aint that always the way….) I added colour to all the pieces using various different colours and then swiped over the top in a gold paint for a contrast:

Squares and rectangle clay pieces

Lots of hearts

2 more clay pieces


One thought on “More Clay Embellishments

  1. I also use the push molds for faces. I’ve found that after the clay is removed you can use tools to alter the face into something else. A few months ago I molded a sun face into an owl for a shaman doll. I wish the molds for hands were easier to use.

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