Time And Tide Meandering Book Page

This is the finished page for Adrienne. Her theme was ‘time’ so I decided to twist the theme to use the quote ‘Time And Tide Wait For No Man’ – its a quote Ive always related to.

The swirls you can see on the page where stamped using a large foam stamp which I thought looked a little like abstract waves on the sea. I stamped the ‘waves’ using Turquoise Pearl Lumiere paint – turquoise just happens to be Adriennes favourite colour too :). I also used the same paint to sponge a little border around the page.

When the paint was dry I used a black marker pen to highlight the swirls to make them stand out more and then I used a white pen to add dots all around the waves to make them pop out a bit.

Next I made some little squares using air dry clay which I’d stamped with a clock stamp. When the clay had dried I painted it with black gesso then added a swipe of bright gold Stewart Gill paint to hilight it.

Next I cut some little fragments Cd pieces using sharp scissors and then glued the time squares to the cds using glossy accents to make little time fragment bellys.

When it was dry I got my mini drill out and drilled 3 holes in each of the corners of the cd.

On 2 of the corners I threaded a silver jump ring through the hole and added a small silver bead to embellish.

On the final hole I threaded through some white glittery sewing thread to add a kinda tassel effect on the bottom of the fragment.

I then sewed (yes your reading the word SEW! – I cant believe it either) the embellishment onto the page using the same glittery thread; to do this I added a couple of stitches through each of the 3 holes in the cd to secure it as I didnt want to use glue.

To finish the page off I cut out the Time and Tide quote using scissors and stuck it down using glossy accents.

I hope Ms Boots likes her page 🙂 Im so glad I made 2 cos I get to keep one 😉

Time And Tide Meandering Book Page

Time And Tide Meandering Book Page

Close Up of the Time Fragment:

Time And Tide Close Up