Some idiots on ebay

Just recieved 7 negative feedbacks on ebay because the idiot buyer DIDNT wait for me to send her a revised combined postage invoice on ebay. Instead she checked out and paid before I had the chance to send it! By which time it was too late and there was nothing I could do about it! I cant UNDO what she has done.

Then instead of emailing about it so I can do her a refund, she proceeds to leave 7 negative feedbacks – flippin eck! Im being punished for her idioticy huh?  I didnt send the invoice soon enough and she accuses me of ignoring her email – erm I dont LIVE on the internet 24-7! I do have a life too….forgive me for not being there to send you an invoice that split second you decided you wanted to pay….

Anyway she wont get her chance again as Ive added her to my blocked bidders list. Ah go take a long walk off a short pier why dont ya….life is too short.