Green Man Meander Book Pages

These pages are for Mawgans book, her theme is Green Man.

This is the first stage where I inked some papers up using various shades of green inks and cut them out into freeform leaf shapes using scissors.

I then stuck the leaves loosely down onto the book page using double sided tape. They arent stuck completely down onto the background, this is so the leaves kinda flutter upwards and are 3 dimensional.

See below:

Green Man Meander Page Stage 1

I dont have any green man stamps or moulds I decided to improvise and used a clay mould of a tribal face mould I have.

I painted the face with forest acrylic paint and then swipted over the top with Stewart Gill Bright Gold paint.

Green Man Meander Page Stage 2

Green Man Meander Page Stage 2

I decided the page didnt feel finished so I edged each leaf with green marker pen and then added a dotty border.

Now its finished.

Green Man Meander Page Stage 3

Green Man Meander Page Stage 3

Van Gogh Technique Multicolour Fish

I decided to do some experimenting with fishy scenes and the Van Gogh Technique. I wanted to use the same stamps and yet experiment to see if  I could make them look totally different.

For this one I created lots of multicolour fish aided by different colour gel ink pens.

Van Gogh Technique Multicolour Fish

This next one I did using only shades of green:

Van Gogh Technique Green Fish

Alphabet Discovery S Journal Page

Alphabet Discovery S Journal Page

For my art journal.

I decided to go with Sunshine as inspiration for my S page because Ive gotten a great deal of strength from the sun recently. Whenever the sun is out I feel ‘normal’ or whatever normal is 🙂 I can walk properly, I dont feel sick or ill and I am pain free as long as there is sunshine and warmth. I now worship the sun!

To do this page, I created a gradiant wash using gouache paints in 2 shades of yellow and orange, this reminded me of a sunrise.

I added doodles using my marker pen and my trusty signo white pen. I had a lotta fun with this page.