Made some moulds

I found an ancient pack of molding compound in my stash which must be over 5 years old! Finally I got it out and used it! And surprisingly it hadnt gone off. Its similar to the mold n pour stuff except it isnt 🙂

I had a small pack of 35grams each of the compound and the catalyst and managed to make 7 moulds in total using charms and buttons.

Im getting into practise because I have a huge stash of things I want to make moulds out of for clay 😀

Here’s my first attempts, the one at the top had an air bubble in it as you can see its not totally smooth – that was my first mould I made and learned how not to do it 😉



2 thoughts on “Made some moulds

  1. hi trish, great moulds, i live the cat one and the shell is nice , cant wiat for my compound to arrive to hunt round the house for items to mold, i might still have a bit of rob’s left, off to hunt x

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