Made some mouldlings

The weather has been playing havoc with me lately, the sun has been really warm but the air has been very humid and we keep having torrential downpours. This doesnt help with my walking and mobility much, I feel knackered! Ive not managed to get much art done because of it. But I have managed to squeeze in a little bit here and there, thankfully đŸ˜‰

Heres a couple of mouldlings I made from the handmade moulds I showed you earlier, I made these moulds from some old brooches I found:

The mould taken from a flower shaped broach:


Mouldlings made from Crayola Model Magic, they arent very detailed, I just wanted to see if the mould had worked:


I cant decide whether I like this mouldling as the full round mould as above or with cut out petals as below:


Finally I made a mouldling out of Friendly Plastic! I didnt have any strips of friendly plastic big enough for the mould so I cut up a few pieces and laid them over the mould and heated with the heat gun, when the plastic melted and shrunk a little I would add another piece of friendly plastic to patch up the gaps forming. I continued doing this till the entire mould was covered with friendly plastic, then I dropped water onto the reverse of the plastic so that I could touch the hot plastic and pressed the friendly plastic right into the recesses of the mould:


Heres another Mould and Mouldling, this one and the one above are my 2 favourites:


Air Drying Clay and Friendly Plastic Mouldlings:


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