Alphabet Discovery Workshop D Journal Page

This is my journal page for the Alphabet Discovery Workshop for the letter D.

I decided to use the word DREAM as my inspiration for this page, I recently went back to vist the Dream sculpture in town and it inspired me to make a doodling of the model and incorporate it into my art journal.

To make the doodle I got the photo of Dream and I played around with it in Photoshop Elements to try and make it look like a poster and then removed all the colour from it and printed it out. I then traced the image using tracing paper and transfered it into my journal and added colour and detail using markers.

Alphabet Discovery Workshop D Journal Page

Close Ups (click to see bigger):

Alphabet Discovery Workshop D Journal Page

Alphabet Discovery Workshop D Journal Page

ATC Alphabet Experiment E is For….

I made this atc for the ATC Alphabet Experiment over on Next Generations Group. I couldnt think what else to do for the letter E so I just sat down with my sharpie pen and doodled on the atc.

The theme of this atc is Elements – each section represent each of the 4 elements – Earth, Air, Water & Fire. I decided to add colour using the Van Gogh technique.

E is for Elements ATC

The theme of this atc is EYE, Im fascinated by eyes, I truly believe they are the windows to our souls. I decided to go with the ‘zendoodle’ style which I seems to be doing a lot these days for this atc.

E is for EYE ATC

More Watercoloured Zendoodle Atcs

Another doodled atc which I did with my sharpies. I added colour to this one using a mixture of gel pens and marker pens. I decided to add the colour in the style of the Van Gogh technique.

Tree Of Life Zendoodle ATC

Im addicted to doodling on atcs at the moment, they are a perfect size, not too big and not too small. I added colour to this using Inktense pencils.

Leaf Zendoodle ATC

Another artist trading card using the Zendoodling style Ive grown so fond of recently. I added colour using Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils.

Star Zendoodle ATC