Some Doodle ATCs

Im going through a stage of doodling on atcs with my drawing pens. I find it very relaxing. I added colour using Derwent Inktense pencils.

This House Doodle ATCHeart Fragments Doodle ATC

Blazing Sun Doodle ATCLarge Tree Doodle ATC


3 thoughts on “Some Doodle ATCs

  1. I saw the Derwent pencils in a catalog and ordered one to see if I liked it. I tested the lightfastness by taping a sample in my window for several weeks. It is pretty good at not fading, but It doesn’t seem to be as waterproof as it claimed. Have you had the same results? I really wanted a waterproof watercolor pencil. I hope that’s not an oxymoron. Your atc’s are wonderful as usual. Sigh.

  2. If you want a watercolour yet waterproof feel using pencils, then do what I do – use ordinary artist colour pencils and then take some artists paint thnner and dip a cotton wool bud into it and use it to blend the colours of the pencil together. This gives it a wonderful watercolour type finish and it is more waterproof than using watercolour pencils. Im addicted to using pencils and Derwent is my favourite brand, Ive got some Graphitints which Ive not used yet 😉

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