Revisiting Dream

img_dream01This week we went back to see Dream over at Sutton Manor, the last time we went they hadnt totally finished putting it together and the park was still a mess from all the bulldozers and workmen and I wasnt too impressed by Dream to be honest.

On Tuesday we decided to go and have another look at Dream and see if the park had improved now that all the workmen and their machines have gone.

We took our dog with us for a walk over there, the sky was a perfect blue with one or two clouds scattered in the sky and the sun was shining, overall a nice Summers day.

As we sat down on the seats situated in front of Dream and contemplated, something  inside just clicked, all of a sudden it made sense.

Id previously watched the artist Jaume Plensa on a tv program on Channel 4 discussing his idea for the Dream and how he imagined the little girls head would appear within the clouds as if she was dreaming.

Maybe the viewing conditions where just right that day we visited but suddenly I found myself falling in love with Dream. She really does look as if she is in a dreamlike state, the stone is almost luminescense and as a glow about it.

You can see more photos of Dream on this flickr group:


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