Green Fabric Paper Quilt

This is another piece of fabric paper I made using a cotton dish cloth. I found some nice thick fluffy green yarn in my stash to I used it to do a back stitch all across the fabric. I used the outlines of the pattern where they joined up together as my sewing lines. Im addicted to doing this, its very easy and relaxing. Must make more!
Green Fabric Paper Quilt


2 thoughts on “Green Fabric Paper Quilt

  1. See? Needle and thread (yarn) isn’t so bad after all:) I must say that keeping up with your techniques is a full time job though. My notebook has your name on every other page!

  2. I Love your blog ! You are such a creative soul! And you really inspire me alot! I am so sorry your under the weather and I do hope you feel better soon! I Love the Paper quilts you have been doing lately. Also Love your Zentangles and doodles.
    Do you have a tutorial on how you do your Paper Quilts?
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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