First Attempts At Needle Felting

First Attempts At Needle Felting

This is my very first attempt at needle felting. Im surprised how easy it is to accomplish with so very little tools and very little energy too. I needed to make some art using a technique beginning with the letter F for Carols challenge, naturally I decided on Felting because Ive wanted to give it a whirl for some time 😉

To make this felt piece I used various colours of wool roving which I had got in a textile collage pack which I bought from ebay. I also used a sheet of black felt as my felting base, a polystyrene block as my felting mat and a couple of felting needles.

I was surprised how quickly and easy it is to make the felt art, simple puching movements with the felting needles fuses the wool fibres to the felt piece and makes them join together.

Once I was happy with how the felting looked I highlighted it using gold glitter thread with a back stitch.

Im really pleased with how this turned out and with how easy it is to do. I must do more felting!

I wonder if this is the start of a new obsession?

4 thoughts on “First Attempts At Needle Felting

  1. The fun of needlefelting is all you say it is, but if you’re allergic to wool you just have to move on. I tried synthetics but it didn’t work very well. I’ll bet you come up with some real razzle-dazzle.

  2. awesome needle felting, My first attemp at needle felting was a heart needle felting kit that I bought to give it a try and I havn’t looked back since. I love needle felting and love to make little animals. Today I am on my way to buy some more fibers so I can give Nuno felting a try, wish me luck

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