Some Calendars for a Christmas swap

Its that time of year again where I make my obligatory art calenders for Christmas swaps and gifts!

Spoiler Warning – do not peek if your in Xmas swaps with me!

These calendars where all made using different handmade backgrounds, the houses you can see on each calendar was made using recycled felix cat food boxes cut into house shapes. I added corrugated card and fun foam to make a recess to the front of the house and painted it with burgundy acrylic paint. I added highlights to the ridges of the corrugate with copper acrylic and then made some fabric paper and painted it red and cut it into hearts to make the hearts inside the houses.

See below, click on any pics for larger images:

Close up of one of the houses:


One thought on “Some Calendars for a Christmas swap

  1. I don’t make calendars, but thanks for the corregated cardboard tech. I’m trying to teach myself (!) metal and found object assemblage and this will fit right in. If only I was 30 yrs younger. The needlefelting is turning out just as good as I thought it would. Go girl.

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