Altered Cd Swap – Completed

I posted earlier about the altered cd swap Im in, you can see the first post here:

For my next step for this project I took a tube of outliner paste normally used for glass painting, and I applied dots on one side of the snowflake and let it dry.

Next I coated both sides of the cd and snowflake with a layer of black gesso and let it dry.

Once dry I painted the entire thing on both sides using navy blue acrylic paint.

To add some distressing and texture for my next step I heated the cd and snowflake using my embossing gun, this make the paint bead up a little bit and also the liquid outliner bubbled too but I wanted it to do that 🙂

Once the cd was cool, I dipped my finger tips in metallic blue acrylic paint and smudged it over the snowflake to add highlights, I also repeated this step using a pearl turqouise paint and silver rub n buff. I just kept going till I liked how the snowflake looked.

I did this step on both sides of the cd.

Then I got my mini drill and drilled a little hole through the cd so I could make a hanger on it.

I then applied silver rub n buff to one side of the cd only and left the other side navy blue for contrast.

Once all the paint was dry I sprayed over the top using acrylic glaze to varnish it and then finally added some gold thread to act as a hanger.

Heres the pictures below of the final piece:

Altered Snowflake Cd

Close Up:
Altered Snowflake Cd - close up

Altered Snowflake Cd


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