Blog catch up

Ive been absence from blogging lately – suffering with the usual complaints so I wont bother moaning about them as Im fed up of listening to myself moan all the time 🙂 And I bet you do too 😀

Anyways in my absence online Ive been playing with my new purchase and my toy – a felting machine otherwise known as an embellisher!

Ive had so much fun just playing and learning how to use the machine and the best thing about it is that it doesnt require any physical strength on my part! Result! I can now dabble with a bit of arts and crafts even on my bad days 🙂

I gave myself a bit of a shock the other day just how weak I am as I wanted to finish off some bookmarks for a swap, I wanted to punch single holes into the bookmarks so that I could set eyelets into the holes. I used one of those office style silver single hole punchers for the job because it is usually the easiest and quickest tool for the job. But I couldn’t physically move the punch at all!!! No matter how much I pressed and pressed the puncher just wouldn’t budge!! That shocked me!

Back to playing with fabric and fibers methinks as it doesnt require any muscles!


One thought on “Blog catch up

  1. Great work, as usual. Oddly enough, I was reading this morning about a hole puncher that’s good for people with arthritis and other problems. It’s sold by 7 Gypsies and called the Binderie. It can punch through some pretty thick stuff.
    It’s good that you’ve found a tool that will let you do art even on bad days. Your finished pieces would pick up anybody’s spirits!

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