Getting very much colder here, so bad I have done anything creative in over a week, my fingers are now severly restricted, glad I got all my swaps and commitments made early! Spend my nights sitting under my blanket with microwaveable heat packs on my joints to keep me warm, drinking hot ribena! Homemade soup is on the menu most days – it hurts like crazy cutting the vegetables up to make the soup but its worth it once its made as it warms you right up!

Just as well theres lots of interested programs on tv at the moment to amuse me – flash forward, house, true blood, sanctuary, defying gravity, stargate universe, fringe plus all the usual soaps tv land has to offer….


2 thoughts on “Brrrrrrrrrrr!

  1. sorry to hear you are not feeling well again. perhaps your weather will warm up for a spell. we had a terrible october but our november has been much nicer so far.

    had to laugh at the pic of your furbaby. she looks about as happy to have the hat on as my furbaby would.

    hope you are able to create again soon. your blog and yahoo group have been an inspiration to me. i am a live-in caretaker for my 86 yr old mother and don’t have a lot of time to create, but reading and viewing all the great stuff is fun for me.

    wishing you a happy holiday season.

    julie m

  2. Lovely site, hope time is better. We are having a nice summer weather here. Love your snowflakes with CD. Have a great New Year, 2010.

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