The 2010 Perfect Present To Myself Challenge

Just an idea I had for the New Year which I thought Id share incase others fancied having a go….

‘The 2010 Perfect Present To Myself Challenge’

Its that time of the year where some of us are feeling unloved and a little unappreciated as our other halves, families and friends failed yet again to buy us the things we REALLY wanted for Christmas like those all important art supplies, rubber stamps, a die cutter, or maybe a new art gadget or something similar…well worry no more because next Christmas it will all be different….as YOU will be in control 🙂

Heres a guaranteed way to ensure that come Christmas 2010 you will get exactly what you want for Christmas in the art department…you very own…2010 Chrimbo Art Supplies Money Box Fund Saver!

Basically for this challenge I want you all to make from scratch (or alter a container if you really want to) a money box for saving your cash in. You can make your money box using any craft technique at all, it can be made from absolutely ANYTHING at all. You can make it from metal, clay, fabric or chip board – its UP TO YOU!!!

Get your thinking caps on and get thinking and more importantly get making art and sharing what youve made…

You have until the END of this month to make your money boxes – remember to make them pretty and paint and embellish or do whatever you wish to them. SHARE photos for what you created – step by step photos are perfect too.


Once you have your money boxes you can start saving your silver in them ready for Christmas 2010! Set yourself a set amount every week which you wont miss – a minimum of a couple of pounds or dollars, you can always add more some weeks if your feeling a little flush. See how much you can save from now until December and whatever you’ve managed to save in that time slot is all YOURS to spend on ART 🙂 Guilt free art supplies! A perfect present from yourself!


2 thoughts on “The 2010 Perfect Present To Myself Challenge

  1. Hi Trish,
    it’s a beautiful Idea and, although it’s February now, I will do ahead and make myself a moneabox right now!

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