Dragon Age Origins

Ive just finished playing Dragon Age Origins and thoroughly enjoyed it. Its a fantastic role playing game which came out last month.

With the weather being so bad Ive not had much energy for making arts and crafts so I decided to get stuck into this rpg to keep me amused over Christmas.

My character choice was a female mage, and upon finishing my first play through Im now off  ‘travelling for a time’ with the love of my life Leliana the rogue after successfully fighting the Blight 🙂

Im going to start the game again with different choices this time to get a different ending 😀

Any other fans out there?

Cant wait for the new expansion pack…


One thought on “Dragon Age Origins

  1. Hey Trish! I didn’t know you liked video games. 🙂 My husband played this and I loved watching him play. I am playing Final Fantasy XIII on the PS3 now. I was just checking out the spray starch technique and am going to buy some today and try this out! Thanks for the tutorial. ~Stacy (NextGenStampers)

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