Look who it is….

Its been so long since I posted on my blog that Ive forgotten how to use the blasted thing!

As I type, today is a horrible rainy day in Northern England, the type of day which makes you grateful that you have the option of staying indoors 🙂 We had to venture out in it this morning, a quick dash to the doctors to put my prescription request in, stock up on chocolate and bits from the shop and then home, pretty sharpish!

Despite today being orrible, the weather has started to pick up nicely and warm up a little, which means Ive wiped the dust off a little and made baby steps into making artwork again.

Hopefully I’ll be doing much more in the forthcoming months, if you dont see me on my blog I’ll probably be on Facebook, so see you then…


One thought on “Look who it is….

  1. What a fabulous and generous site that you have. I work with kids and seniors and I am not an artist but I love art and I love to create; you have given me the chance to see how an artist works! Thank you.

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