Spray Starch & Alcohol Ink Background Technique

My final blog post tonight before I crawl off to bed with my hot chocolate šŸ™‚

Im really enjoying playing around with the spray starch to see how it can be used, seeing how well it worked with the pearl ex I wondered how it would react with Alcohol Inks and decided to experiment and see.

These backgrounds where created in a similar way to the Pearl Ex ones, instead of pearl ex I used Alcohol Inks with the Spray Starch

Heres what I did:


1. On a sheet of gloss card, randomly splash and dot alcohol inks all over.

2. Spray over Alcohol Inks with Spray Starch.

3. Add more Alcohol Inks.

4. Spray more Starch.

5. Sandwich over the top with another sheet of gloss card and rub gently.

6. Gently peel backgrounds apart to reveal the lovely magic šŸ™‚

Leave to air dry or heat set with your heat gun if your impatient (I did)

The overall effect of these backgrounds reminds me of the Alcohol Inks and Floor Wax Background Technique I came up with a few years back.

Embossing Tip: You can sprinkle on embossing powder onto the background to enhance it further, I had some nice interferance embossing powders with copper mica in them which I sprinkled over some of the backgrounds to add a little pizzaz. See example below:

Another background in the making…

Before Spray Starch…

After Spray Starch….

Spray Starch And Alcohol Ink Background Gallery:


11 thoughts on “Spray Starch & Alcohol Ink Background Technique

  1. Dear Trish ,how wonderful to see you getting so creative again—-I love these ideas,I used to try all your `backgrounds `when I first started papercrafting some years ago, and often pop back to your blog to see how you are getting on ,you must be feeling a lot better now and I look forward to more inspiration –well done !
    best wishes Sandra x

  2. So many of us are making our own sprays these days. I have read that it is dangerous to spray alcohol inks so please check into this before trying it. ( I realize that is not what you are suggesting here) However many of us come up with our own bright ideas that sometimes aren’t so bright šŸ™‚

  3. Hi, Trish~
    How lovely of you to create this spot for all of us to benefit.
    I have a question. I tried to download the first “postal”, entitled Nature. I have dial-up, so it was slow. But although the dotted lines and the words “Nature” appeared, no Nature (nor any other type) of pictures ever appeared in the dotted spaces. They are blank. Any ideas about this?

  4. Do these alchol ink projects always have to be on something glossy? Is it so the ink does not soak in? Could you put a sealing finish on canvas and then use the inks?

    Love your projects.

    Pam Grady

  5. You could paint a canvas with a glossy or metallic paint as a base and then use alcohol inks over the top or use a glossy clear drying glue as a base coat. You can use alcohol inks on matt surfaces, its just that the colours really shine and come alive on shiny surfaces.

  6. Drip the alcohol inks. SPRAY the liquid starch. Smear lightly with a second sheet of glossy (for example, glossy photo printing paper.) Works lovely!

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