A New Blog For My Techniques & Tutorials

Ive decided to move & update all my techniques and tutorials onto a new wordpress blog. Blogs are so much easier to update and when you fancy a new look all you have to do is browse the themes instead of having to rewrite every page!

So the past couple of weeks Ive been slowly transfering all the files over onto a new blog which you can see at the following url:


Go and have a peek and tell me what you t hink 🙂 Dont forget to have a look at the free downloads too – lots of printable collage sheets and templates.

Hope you like it…


3 thoughts on “A New Blog For My Techniques & Tutorials

  1. Trish I’ve learned so much from your techniques over the years. I love the effort you have put into them. Thx for the new site I’ll be sure to check it out and add it to my blogroll.

  2. Thanks Michelle 🙂 I’ll be updating this blog more than the other one as I use this one as my testing grounds when Im experimenting and tweaking and then when Ive finally got it right I can post it as a complete technique or project on the Zone 🙂

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