Inkadinks Colour Wash Sprays

Today I got my pack of Brights Inkadinks from Imagination Crafts in the post, they are a brand new type of  water based ink which you can use for watercolouring with or mixing with mica powders.

Imaginations Crafts have a tutorial on their blog on how to use these inks:

They cost £10.99 a set, with free postage and paypal too 🙂 And are available in Brights, Sunset and Vintage sets of 6 little bottles which are about the same size as inkpad re-inkers and they have a lovely fine tipped nozzle so you dont use too much at once.  They come with a technique sheet giving you hints and tips on how to use them too.

I bought mine with the sole intention of making them into colourwash sprays as I am starting to run out of the really bright colours. Id never used the Inkadinks before so I didnt know what to expect.

In their instructions they said use 20 drops of ink to make a spray bottle. I found that was far too light for my liking; the ink was more of a pastel shade and I wanted nice and BRIGHT!

I kept adding ink until I got the shade I wanted, I used less than a quarter of ink out of the bottle to get the desired shade I was after,  I was really  impressed by that because it means I could have 4 bottles of spray ink out of each dinky ink bottle 🙂 Talk about value huh 😉

The inks are very strong and go a long way,  I made 2 bottles of each colour, one using a normal ‘straight mix’ and the another using a distressed version by mixing in some walnut ink to get a heritage effect.

Heres all my spray bottles and inks below, as you can see some of my colourwash bottles are nearly empty, thats cos I had fun playing with them 🙂 Do I like em? Yep I do, I love them. I want the other 2 sets now!

Heres the colour chart of the original straight colours I mixed, the inks have been sprayed onto watercolour paper and as you can see they are quite strong shades:

Heres how lovely the inks flow together and blend to make a wash background:

Heres some colourwash backgrounds I created just to test them out 🙂 I used a small 6×6 Crafters Workshop template (swirls design) to create the effect of batik resist fabric on the watercolour paper. I enjoyed making a mess and had nice inky fingers to show for it..

Just to prove I do actually know how to use the stencil masks I did some proper versions:


3 thoughts on “Inkadinks Colour Wash Sprays

  1. LOVE THESE! I love how many bottles of spray you will get ! We must remain thrifty at all times 🙂

  2. I just stumbled upon your work ….. and just Lovvvve it…. REally beautiful …. I’ll be back 8) . So many techniques and tips …. Thank You

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