First Handmade Art Quilt

Ive just finished off making my first art quilt using both my mini stitch machine and my embellisher.

Ive had my ministitch for a while, I got it free with a magazine subscription but never used it until now. Im contemplating buying a full sized sewing machine and thought if Im going to buy a full sized one I might as well get the mini one out of the box and see how I go.

I still have nightmares from my sewing classes at school where the teacher would continually ridicule me for not being able to thread a sewing machine up properly. So being mentally scarred for life, I was very hesitent at using the ministitch which is why its been locked away in its box since it arrived, mocking me in silence, telling me I’ll never use it.

Well this evening I conquered my fears and rose to the challenge and got the beast out of the box, its one of these types below incase your wondering, it may only be small but its damn scary lemme tell ya πŸ˜‰

The Beast!Anyway I did a test run first with a sheet of Indian silk paper I had, I had previously painted it with gouache paint just to see how it took the colour, as you can see it took to it beautifully. I wanted to recreate the freemotion style of machine sewing which is what I did for this test piece:

Okay so that wasnt so bad, it wasnt so painful as I thought it would be, I was pratically quaking at the knees…thankfully it came already threaded up so god help me when it runs out of thread!!!

Encouraged I decided to finish off a needle felted piece I had been working on.

Star Quilt How To:

The main square in the center of the quilt is actually a recyled baby wipe which I had kept aside after a painting session, Id applied too much ink to a canvas so I used a baby wipe to mop up the excess and left it out to air dry.

Once it had dried, the baby wipe looked like a piece of wonderful hand painted fabric! I knew I just had to use it so I did πŸ™‚

I decided to fuse a sheet of red organza to the baby wipe with my embellisher machine, I love using organza with the felting machine as it makes the fabric take on a lovely distressed yet shiny texture.

Once I had fused the organza and babywipe together I drew a star shape onto a sheet of yellow felt using a marker pen and then cut it out and fused that over the top to create a centrepiece.

Next I used metallic gold wool to sew an outline all around the edges of the star to make it kinda pop off the babywipe.

Then came the nerve wrecking part, using the beast to sew the freemotion stitches onto the actual babywipe. I zoomed around the piece until I was happy with how it looked and then stopped.

To finish the quilt off I used a sheet of wadding behind the babywipe to give it a little padding and then layered it onto a sheet of navy blue felt. Then I got the beast out again and sewed the baby wipe onto the felt to give it a nice border.

To finish it off I added a simple border on the navy fabric using the beast and my work was complete.

Not only did I make my first ever art quilt I also managed to conquer my fears too πŸ™‚ Im submitting this piece for Jan’s Red Rubber Paper and Ink Challenge where you have to create a piece of art using either recycling or upcycling.

Star Quilt

Star Quilt Close Ups:

Star Quilt Closeup

Close Up Of The Fused Organza and Baby Wipe – I love the texture πŸ™‚

Closeup of Fused Organza and Baby Wipe

5 thoughts on “First Handmade Art Quilt

  1. Oh it looks even better here on your blog! I bet it’s really soft and loverly! Great combination of colours – you can see the organza better here too. Very yummy and bravo on conquering your mini-beast!

    I can’t see well enough to thread my machine needle – luckily it does it for me, but I used to use an ordinary metal needle threader with the old machine! Unless you want to work on seriously large projects or many layers, clothes, etc., I’d stick witn mini-beast. (at least till you find a project it cannot handle!)


  2. Love your piece. Guess I won’t bother entering Jan’s contest as you will win hands down!!!!! I am in a mood to get out the sewing machine – I’ve gots lots of fabric and ideas, just no get-up-and-go!!!!!!

  3. Love it – and way to conquer those fears!! I had to laugh when I read it came threaded – and I wish you luck when it does run out!!!!
    Big Hugs

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