My First Mini Crazy Quilt

This evening I overcame a lifetime of phobia and fear and managed to thread my brand new Singer sewing machine 🙂 Of course I also had a little play with scraps of fabric to make a mini 4″ square crazy quilt 🙂

I stumbled across this technique online while browsing called Crazy Quilting and immediately fell in love with it…

Ok so the red cotton doesnt exactly go with the fabric and I know one of the fabric patches is the WRONG way round and the edges arent exactly neat…but Im thrilled to bits with it cos its the first thing Ive ever made on it.

Have a peek at it below and dont laugh!! 🙂

You can read more about Crazy Quilting here:

and here:

Lots of eye candy here:


7 thoughts on “My First Mini Crazy Quilt

  1. Hey i,m not laughing ! this is brilliant for a first,is that blanket stitch a machine stitch?? dont think mine does that one ……..its great Trish

  2. Yep its a blanket stitch 🙂 The machine has 50 in built stitches so Im going to have lots of fun playing with them 🙂

  3. Awesome!! Don’t be so hard on yourself… it’s just practise and more practise. You have a massive advantyage composition-wise anyhow, because you’re a visual artist. 😉

  4. Thanks Rosie, Im raring to go! Im just gonna teach myself and do it MY way so if something is wonky its cos its supposed to be that way! Shopping tomorrow for bobbins and more cotton…..need some good scissors as well.

  5. Wonderful!!! I am itching to get the machine out but need to finish up a couple of other things!!!!

  6. Trish I think the red thread adds to the piece, it is fabulous, and I LOVE it….
    I love the randomness of this because hey who is to know there are mistakes, you, cos you did it, me? no way it just looks brilliant!

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