Red Nature Quilt

Ive just spent a couple of hours with the Mega Beast (aka the sewing machine) as it needs taming and showing who the boss is 😉

I mainly played around with different stitches on different types of fabric to see what they looked like. Also I experimented with trying to get the needle to sew where I wanted it to and make it turn round corners and so on…

This is a red nature themed art quilt which Ive just finished making tonight, it consists of various layers of organza, felt, fabric and a skeleton leaf all sewn together to make a quilt. I wanted to use up all the red thread in the machine so I could thread it with a new colour so this ended up being a red colour scheme.

You can see it below (click for full size):

This is what the back looks like:

You’ll be please to know that Ive successfully changed the threads on the machine….with no instructions!!


6 thoughts on “Red Nature Quilt

  1. wow, trish, this is fantastic. i love that it is complex and simple at the same time. and the colors really make it pop. guess you got over your fear of the sewing machine in no time and have become quite proficient at it already.

  2. Trish you should be sooooooooooooo PROUD of yourself, this is fabulous. Absolutely brilliant my dear, and KUDOS TO YOU for re-threading the beast too, soon enough it will know who is the boss!!!
    Rock on Tommy!!!!

  3. What a fun piece! You are doing very very well, Miss Trish. I love it. so funny about the red thread….using it all up so you can put a different colour in…lol.

  4. Love the colors!!! Congratulations on a beautiful piece of work. Good job on changing the thread – that’s usually the biggest challenge of all!!!!!!

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