Lutradur & Angelina Fabric Piece

Yesterday I managed to do some more sewing on my new machine, Ive been feeling really ill for the last few days and have been unable to do any sewing so when I finally sat down in front of the machine yesterday I was raring to go and get stuck in!

I finished off a piece I began working on before my health threw a wobbler, this is a sheet of layered fabric I created by sewing together a layer of painted Lutradur, pressed Angelina Fibers, Skeleton Leaves and some tiny snippings of yarns and threads.  I used a sheet of fusable webbing to press the layers together so I could sew them with ease.

Here is what the Angelina & Lutradur piece looked like before I added the flowers and further embellishments, its very shiny and sparkly and doesnt photograph very well:

Below is the finished piece, I hand sewed the silk flowers on using a nice variegated pearl cotton and added further machine stitches using yellow thread for contrast and then sewed it onto a layer of dark blue felt. I know the border is wonky – its intentional 🙂 (so I keep saying) Im thinking of putting some eyelets into it and converting it into a wall hanger.

Heres the finished piece:


7 thoughts on “Lutradur & Angelina Fabric Piece

  1. Gorgeous!!!! I wonder what it would look like if you hadn’t been feeling ill!!!!!! I need to dust off my machine and get sewing.

  2. all your fabric pieces are beautiful… Should have bought yourself a sewing machine a long time ago. This is inspiration for me to try to put more fabric in my art work.

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