Various Projects Using Handmade Fabrics

I recently created some handmade fabric by ironing and fusing together layers of merino wool rovings, fibers, silk flowers and organza, I fused them together using iron on heat n bond adhesive.

Once cooled I sewed over the top with my machine to create random shapes and scribbles.

You can see the progress the fabric piece took in the photos below along with the finished projects:

Step One – With Yellow Sewing:

Step 2 – With Red Stitching On Flowers

Fabric Piece Converted Into 2 Fabric Postcards:

One Key Charm:

Scraps Used To Create Another Postcard:


5 thoughts on “Various Projects Using Handmade Fabrics

  1. Hi I would just like you to know that I think your art work is amazing… I have discovered you quite by accident researching mixed media techniques .
    I think its lovely that you are sharing your knowledge with everyone and have found alot of really good information to help me progress with my own ideas. Thank you !

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