Custom Fabrics With Fabric Transfer Paints

I recently bought a set of transfer paints for fabric after seeing a fab video on youtube on how to convert hand painted backgrounds into printed fabric!

You can view the short teaser video I saw on Colouricious’s Youtube Channel here:

Being a bit of a background junkie these paints appealled to me so I immediately wanted some!

The paints I used are by a UK company called Colourcraft who make a vast range of inks, paints and dyes for textiles and papercrafts.

You can read more about the company’s range of transfer inks here:


I got my transfer paints from Rainbow Silks, they have a set of 12 paints for only £12.25, which is very good value I think. They are actually cheaper on the Colourcraft website but they dont have an online shopping cart so I couldnt check out my order without using the phone and I cant hear on the phone (I’m deaf) so that was out of the question! So I had to get mine from Rainbow Silks, the url for the paints I bought is:

Today was the first time I’d sat down and played with the paints and I was really impressed!

The paints themselves are nice and gooey, kinda like acrylic paints in consitency, when I first used them I was a bit dissapointed by the colours in the pots, they were supposed to be BRIGHT and they sure didnt look bright. The golden yellow looked more like yukky light brown, so as you can imagine I was preparing myself to be let down by these paints and told myself not to  get my hopes up too high.

I painted some splodges of paint onto A6 sheets of drawing paper, the instructions say use cartridge paper, I found ordinary printing/copier paper and drawing paper works well.

The paints themselves are fast drying, I only needed to get the heat gun out to speed up the thicker areas of paint I had applied.

Once dried, I used the iron on the hottest setting, and pressed the backgrounds onto the fabric until the paints transfered.

Wow! Instant printed fabrics!!

I was impressed, and that mucky old brown did indeed turn out to be a nice bright yellow afterall!!

The beauty of these paints is that you can use the painted backgrounds many times to transfer onto the fabric, you just get a slightly paler version of it each time. Also if you use a LOT of paint you get a nice brighter colour effect too. The hotter the iron, the better the paints transfer onto the fabric.

You can only transfer onto manmade fabrics such as evolon, lutradur, polyester, organza etc, but Colourcraft have a medium called ‘transfix’ which enables you to use these paints with natural fabrics such as silks and cottons too!

When your background will no longer transfer paint onto your fabric you still have a nice handmade background which you could use in cards or artist trading cards! So all is not lost 🙂

Heres my pictures below of the painted backgrounds I did on drawing paper, as you can see the colours arent all that nice on the paper:

These are the fabric versions of the painted backgrounds which I ironed onto white fabric:

Below are some postcard sized sheets of vilene which I also transfered some of the paints onto to see what they would look like:

I had a lotta fun playing with these paints and must experiment some more! In the meantime Ive got some nice new painted fabrics to embellish 🙂


8 thoughts on “Custom Fabrics With Fabric Transfer Paints

  1. Hey Trish, these are fabulous! I love the way the backgrounds look on the fabric…waiting here to see what comes next!
    cheers, Rhonda

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