2012 January Wish List Journal Page

I was inspired to break out my soft pastels after watching the technique combining pastels, gesso and magazine papers featured in week one of 52 Play Dates.

To begin with I tore out a face image and the words ‘wish list’ from a magazine and glued them down. Then I added a border of printed flowers I found in a magazine and tore 2 long strips to make a border on the page. Next I added a layer of pink and magenta soft pastels and rubbed them them with my fingers to blend, then sprayed on pastel fixative to set the colour. Next using white gesso sparingly I rubbed it all over the page until I was happy with how it looked and left it to dry.

For the next part I took inspiration from Effy Wild’s Book Of Days January Page, she used a picture of herself and using scraps of paper made her photograph look like a little funky disjointed person.

My printer and computer arent on talking terms at the moment so I didnt have a picture to print out of myself, so I used the face picture I had already glued onto my pastel & gesso background as my starting point and glued on body shapes, a crown, hair and wings all taken from scrapbook and magazine papers.

For the next steps I coloured in the magazine paper hair, face and flowers using my pro-marker pens, I also added a heart to the paper body and a mini crown within the larger crown and outlined all the images across the entire page using silver and black markers until I was happy with how it looked.

I highlighted the ‘wish list’ words using a silver pen and doodled on the date 2012 above it, then I got to thinking about what my wish list for 2012 was and dug around in my paper scraps and found 2 words in the stash which were perfect and glued them on.

The words I picked out are: Inspiration and Well Being, they are essentially my top 2 wishes for 2012, while Im not gonna get better, I would like a sense of better well being in 2012 and some pain relief, and most importantly I wish for inspiration – without that I cant create πŸ™‚

Anyways heres my page, I hope you like it πŸ™‚


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