Spring Theme Artist Trading Cards

I finally started work on my March ATCs for our months of the year swap we have going, I had no idea how I was going to represent March; all I knew was that I wanted the colours to be bright! Spring for me is a blessing, its the time of year where the weather starts to warm up and I am able to move a little more freely, a welcome respite from a cold cruel winter.

To begin with I got a roll of masking tape and de-tacked it by first sticking it to my clothes so that it wouldnt be too difficult to remove afterwards, I tore of random strips of tape and arranged them across white artist trading card blanks like so:

Next I took some bright yellow and red acrylic paint and scraped them across the artist trading cards to add colour like so:

Below is a picture of my atc’s all painted and waiting to dry:

I started these artist trading card backgrounds with the intention of pulling off the masking tape to reveal a pattern but once they were dry I decided I liked the look of the painted masking tape on the card as it gave it a nice texture, so instead of pulling all the masking tape off all the atc’s; instead I decided to peel it off just half of them instead so I had a set of each type.

Luckily I made 20 backgrounds in total so I ended up with 10 of each background type. Below is a picture of the backgrounds with the peeled off masking tape:

Next job was to decorate them, I decided to use a silhouette rubber stamp design I had to decorate, I also added paper flowers to half of the atcs and mounted them onto contrasting card. You can see both varieties of artist trading cards below which I finished:


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