Why I Art Journal Page

After giving my Inner Critic a page to air out his views, the next prompt in Journal Bliss book was to turn over the page and write out your response to what your Inner Critic had to say to you.

This is the page I did in response, I started out the page  by writing out the words ‘Why I Art’  along the top, and then I started doodling with my pencil and did an angelic looking cartoon, at first I couldnt understand why I was doodling an angel type cartoon but decided to go with it and trust the process and added colour to the angel on the page using Pro-markers

Next I doodled various circles around the angel, to me they reminded my of a kinda angelic aura, they look at bit bare so I decided to divide the circles up into sub-sections and added a rainbow of colours to them using Neo-Colours and Inktense pencils. I then added a swirly border around the outer circle and coloured it with watercolours.

I was then left with a big white blank space at the bottom of the page and was unsure what to do at first. So I stared at the page, asked myself why did I draw an angel in response to the question ‘Why I Art’ and the words ‘peace’ hit me, I create and art because it brings me peace!

So I lettered those words onto the page and coloured them using Inktense pencil and a bluey-green wash to the entire page to finish it off.

You can see the page below:

Why do YOU art?


One thought on “Why I Art Journal Page

  1. YES! You nailed it with the “gives me peace”, I feel the same way plus I love to see what appears as I art, it’s always a surprise like your angel drawing was for you.
    So good to “see” you again 🙂

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