Tangly Doodle Page

This is a page taken from my A4 Journal, to begin with I used a pencil and ruler to mark out 6 squares on the page and then used my drawing pens to doodle within the square shapes using various lines, dots and scribbles.

I really enjoy working this way because you can pick up the pen whenever you want to and do some more work on it; there is no rush to complete it and its quite calming and helps me to focus on something else other than the pain I am feeling. I just love to doodle šŸ˜€

Anyway enough mumbling from me, here is my latest ‘Doodle Oodle Nu Nu’ page below:


On The Other Side Of Fear Journal Page

I made this journal page last night for Becky’s prompt on an art journalling group I am a member of.

The prompt was to use the chosen quote in our art and collage too, admittedly I didnt do collage on my page but then I have never been one to follow the rules 100% šŸ˜€

The quote is:

On The Other Side Of Fear Lays Freedom

Here is my page I did for the challenge below; I wanted to kinda show freedom on the back of the fear like the quote implies so I wrote the word freedom back to front in the background to give thisĀ illusion, colours used are Inktense blocks and Promarkers.

Blog Revamp In Progress

I am in the process of importing all of Ā my recent blog entries from Lost Muse Journals over to this blog in order to get this blog up to date again.

As you may or may not be aware IĀ abandonedĀ this blog a few years ago when I became ill and almost gave up on creating art altogether.

Last year I decided to try my hand at art making again because I realised just how much I missed it. I was still very much feeling lost and in the wilderness so to speak so IĀ didn’tĀ feel like I could face blogging on this blog again because IĀ wasn’tĀ ‘that person’Ā any moreĀ if that makes sense at all.

Recent ill health has left me art-less again for 2 months and I took a sabbatical away from the art world to play computer games (as you do) But now I am back again ready to art and blog once more and raring to go.

Somehow itĀ doesn’tĀ feel right going back to my other blog ‘Lost Muse Journals’ because IĀ don’tĀ feel lostĀ any more, I found my muse again and to continue blogging on there makes me feel a bit of a fake!

So I decided to come back home to my original blog, import all the blog entries over from Lost Muse and give this blog a bit of a revamp, facelift and overhaul (which is still ongoing)

Watch this space