My First Set Of Grown Up Watercolours

Today is a big day for me; it marks the arrival of my first ever set of grown up watercolour paints!

In the past I’ve always used cheap craft or children’s paints; don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with these paints because I’ve been using them for years and have always managed to get by with them. Its just feels nice to have something grown up and adult for a change.

I’ve always longed for a set of watercolours pans but my sub-concious mind would never allow me to buy them because I always believed my inner critic when she told me I wasn’t worth it. That a set of paints like that would be wasted on me because I wouldn’t even know how to use them properly and to stick with what I know and continue to use the  el cheapo brand as usual.

Recently I rebelled against my inner critic and closed my ears to her put me downs and criticisms and decided enough was enough, Im 43 years old and think its about time I owned a good set of watercolour paints don’t you?

Just look at these new babies below:

Each one of the paint pans is individually wrapped in a paper wrapper and cellophane which immediately made me think of old fashioned boiled sweets! I felt like a kid again trying to get the wrappers of my new sweeties!!  Look there is even a space to put my favourite paint brush!!

After taking all the wrappings off it seemed a shame to throw them away, so instead I decided to use them and make them into an art journal page to celebrate the occasion which you can see below:

I cant wait to use these babies in my art work 😀


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