Robert Gornall Rest In Peace

I have just found out that an old friend of mine from the craft industry died of cancer on 11th July of this year; Robert Gornall of Once Upon A Stamp, it is a huge shock.

I met both Rob and his partner Gordon years ago at Port Sunlight Rubber Stamping show when they were both just starting out with their rubber stamp business.

Rob was a bright friendly character who always had a smile and had us in fits of laughter with his sense of  humour, witty put me downs and sharp quips.

I saw Rob, Gordon and Barney the dog regularly as they would make the long trip from Nottingham to Merseyside once a month to attend my rubber stamp play days that I used to run in a function room above a pub. He would always have us in fits of laughter and introduced us all to the wonders of Friendly Plastic and would give us impromptu demonstrations on how to use it and show us his wonderful creations.

Both my grandparents met him and thought he was utterly charming, my nan much to my amusement was convinced we were going out together because we would always kiss each other on the cheek and hug whenever we met each other. I still remember her quizzing me in the car asking me all about him and then her face when I told her he was gay!

Rob played a very large part at our Creative Cards Stampede Weekend back in 2003, his Friendly Plastic class was the most popular one and we had members literally fighting and bitching to get a seat in his class first much to our amusement and bafflement.

It all seems like a lifetime ago now!

Rob was a larger than life sparkling character who made the crafting world a brighter place, he will be missed by many. When I look up in the sky tonight I’ll know the brightest star up there is you showing off your ‘pope’s ring’.

My deepest condolences go to Gordon his life partner of 20 years xxx


3 thoughts on “Robert Gornall Rest In Peace

  1. Hi,I knew Robert back in 80’s when I lived and worked in Birmingham,last time I saw him was about 1995 on a train going to Nottingham.He was such a lovely guy.So shocked to read he had passed away.

  2. Hi Trish . I have just come across this and just wanted to thank you for this wonderful tribute to Rob. I am still puzzled by all that hapenned last year and as everyone just keeps saying to me… can that happen to him , but unfortunately Cancer has no friends . Robert was very brave and totally himself right to the end , he never let go of his sense of humour , not for one minute . In the last week , i slept beside him every night.The morning after we managed a civil partnership in the hospital despite his badly deteriorated condition , i awoke and asked him if he was awake. He was rarely with us by now , but to my astonishment he was with it and i said to him ” Rob , how do people celebrate a whole day of marriage ? He replied ..Well Gordon dont you know …i said no and he then said ” They have sexual intercourse ” I shouted ..Robert ! …that was the very last thing Robert ever said. He was a star , a character and the most wonderful person and human being anyone could ever meet . He is missed by so many people all over the world , but no one will ever forget him.
    Just thought i would add this . You are looking good Trish ! All the very best to you . Lots of love . Gordon x

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