Alpha Challenge Letter V Journal Page

I came across this challenge for 2013 on one of the many newsletters I am signed up for and decided to give it a whirl.

I recently bought a small artist sketchbook and hadn’t decided what I was going to use it for, then when I saw this challenge I decided to use it for that!


The challenge is called Alpha Challenge and it is run by peeps at The Craft Barn, every 2 weeks they will pick out a letter from the alphabet at random and we have to make something to do with that letter of the alphabet.

The first letter chosen was the Letter V, I decided to go for the word VIBRANT for this challenge, you can see the steps my journal page took below:

 Step One:

I sprayed my paged with orange inks and forced dried it with my heat gun, next I glued down random overlapping torn scraps of scrapbook papers:


Step Two:

I applied a light wash of gesso over some of the scrap book papers and also onto the orange inked pages, I added further interest to the page by stamping gesso on using the lid of my gesso jar and my glue stick and also dotted using the handle of my paint brush.


Step Three:

Using Radiant Rain Ink Dabbers I randomly added splats of purple, pink and yellow inks on the page till I was happy with how it looked.


Step Four:

Using a back sharpie marker pen and a white distress pen I added random lines, outines and squiggles to the page.


Step Five:

Using a sheet of inked paper from an old book I made a cut out shape and glued it onto the page. I added the torn dictionary definition for VIBRANT onto a sheet of orange card stock which I distressed using a black memories ink pad, the fringe on the card was added using shredding scissors. To finish the page I stamped the word VIBRANT on the left hand side and glued on 2 copper painted hinge chipboard embellishments.


Close Ups:




5 thoughts on “Alpha Challenge Letter V Journal Page

  1. WOW!!!!! I can tell that you had a lot of fun making this up 😀 Its a fabulous page Trish! I really enjoyed seeing your step-by-step too. Thank you for playing along with us over at The Craft Barn x

  2. This is fabulous and thanks for the amazing step-by-step on how you did it which is so useful for people like me who find collage so hard. I have the weirdest feeling that the stamp I used in my ‘V for veil’ page was bought from you. Small world!

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