Live For Today Journal Page

Here is another journal page I have just finished off using my favourite leaves and nature theme, I try to hold back on leaves because I love using them so much, given half the chance Id do them 24/7 but it would be a bit of an overkill and I like to have a bit of variety in my work!

I’ll show you the step by step photographs of how I created this page below:


Step 1: I added various shades of green inks on the page and allowed them to blend and air dry naturally.


Step 2: I glued various torn strips of scrap book papers across the pages:


Step 3: Random splats of gesso on the scrapbook paper was applied for a light wash.


Step 4: I added green inks to all the scrapbook strips in various shades.


Step 5: I stamped various leaf and fern type stamps randomly on the pages:


Step 6: I added leaf die cut shapes and some leaf prints taken from a sheet of scrapbook paper:


Step 7: I added the words Live For Today using chip board and paper alphabet letters.


Finished! I really enjoyed making this spread 😀



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