Vintage Lace Art Journal Page

I am really enjoying working with the weekly prompts over on my favourite group Cafe Dell Art!

It is Jill’s turn to host this week’s prompt and this is what we have to do: -Take away your safety net – use a method or medium you haven’t used, or rarely try, to create a ‘different’ page. It’s experimental week!

Last week Tania and Tamsin and myself all challenged one another to work with a different colour scheme than what we normally use for this prompt. Tania who normally works with pastels and subtle colours has to use bright colours, and Tamsin and me who normally use bright colours have to use a softer approach. The gauntlet had been thrown and the challenge has been accepted by all!

Let the games begin!

I found this page a real challenge to create as it was really out of my comfort zone, but having said that I had a lot of fun with it too! Instead of reaching for my trusty favourites of yellow and orange I had to really think about how to apply a softer shade of colour without overpowering the page.

You can see the step by step photographs below along with a brief description of that I did for each step:

Step One: I glued down several torn pieces of printed book and scrapbook papers on the page as shown below:


Step Two: Next I glued on various postage stamps to add interest.


Step Three: I applied a light wash of gesso to tone the page down a little.


Step Four: I applied a watered down wash of walnut ink on the page and then sprayed over lightly with moon glow gold spritz


Step Five: I took some small doileys and sprayed them with moon glow mica spritzs to give them a nice pearly sheen


Step Six: I added a strip of patterned washi tape to the page to add interest.


Step Seven: I took 3 doilieys, 2 of which I cut in half and then assembled them back together leaving a gap, then I added one one complete doiley over the top of the pieces to create a centrepiece


Close Up Of Doiley Centrepiece:


Step Eight: Next I glued down a playing card embellishment which I had cut from a sheet of scrapbook paper and added a little ‘LOVE’ clay embellishment which I got from ebay in a set yonks ago to finish.


Close Up Of Embellished Area:


I hope you like my page! I really enjoyed stepping out of my comfort zone and must do it more often!


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