Follow Your Own Path Vintage Journal Page

IMG_2736I’ve been working on a journal page for the past couple of days now and have finally finished it.

When I first started out with this page I had no idea which direction I was going to take with it, instead I just let my muse guide me and instead of reaching for the bright oranges and yellows that I love so much I found myself dipping into the burgundies, purples and metallic shades instead.

It has been a real joy to create this page as I seemed to get totally absorbed and lost in the paint layers.

I took plenty of step by step photographs of my page as it progressed so you too can see the process I took from start to finish.

Step One: I had already coloured the page in previously using a copper brown coloured ink, I tore out assorted scrap book pages, paper doileys and book pages and glued them down on the pages. The dark coloured piece on the left hand side is a sheet of embossed card that I embossed using the vagabond and an embossing folder.


Step Two: As always I applied a layer of watered down gesso across the entire page and let it dry.


Step Three: I used various spray inks and radiant rain dabbers in purple, gold and burgundy to apply a layer of colour.


Step Four: I added printed washi tape on the edges and across the centre and glued on more torn book pages.


Step Five: I used acrylic paints in burgundy and yellow to apply another layer of colour, I also coloured the previous layered book pages using purple ink and stained the washi tape the same colour. I added copper highlights to the embossed card area.


Step Six: I tore a strip of double sided tape and stuck it down on the page, then using transfer foil I applied pressure and then lifted it to reveal a copper foil border.


Copper Foil Border created with transfer foil:


Step Seven: Using metallic gold, silver and copper acrylic paint on my fingertips, I burnished the raised areas of the doileys and the embossed card to add metallic highlights.


Close Up Of Metallic Highlights On Embossed Card:


Close Up Of Gold and Copper Highlights on Doiley:


Close Up Of Copper Foil Transfer Tape Border:


Step Eight: To finish my page I layered on a printed quote taken from scrapbook paper, an image taken from a Da Vinci painting and also 3 butterflies to add embellishments.


Close Up Of Quotation Piece:




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