The Journey Art Journal Page

I have been playing around in my journal again! For this page I simply splashed on various layers of acrylic paints till I was happy with how it looked, I used one of my new stencils by Balzer Designs which I love! Ive been after this stencil for a while but never seemed to locate it for sale anywhere online until recently.

Here are a couple of progress photos, I didnt take many because I literally got lost in the paint and forgot to pause and take a picture until it was finished.

First Steps:

I glued tags onto my journal page so that they stuck out of the edges, I used a ruler to help get them more or less straight.



For this step I used a drawing pen and my stencil to make the shapes shown in the picture



Next I glued a layer of torn book papers to create a border:



Then I painted some of the outlined shapes with paint and inked the tags green:



Then I got completely carried away making multiple stencilled and painted layers and forgot to take more pictures until it looked like this:



To finish the page I added a piece of embossed card which Id coloured with gold paint and green ink to make a resist effect and a printed quoted embellishment taken from a sheet of scrapbook paper and some twine on the tags:



A couple of close up pictures:





I really enjoyed playing with this page 😀

2 thoughts on “The Journey Art Journal Page

  1. i really like this page. I am drawn to the lovely sloppiness of the beautiful colors. Did you drip color onto the embossed card? love it!

  2. Thanks for your comments. That is the effect I was trying to achieve: a sloppy painty look. the embossed card I sprayed with inks but I let it puddle up so it was darker in spots.

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